Still Alive!

I haven’t touched this blog in what seems like forever.  In Internet-time, more than a year is forever.  Fuck it all, it’s time to make some more fun photos, strange sculptures and maybe play the harmonica a little too much.

Trying to matching RGB and Pantone values, messily.

A couple of months ago I decided to cut some logos, in acrylic, for a friend’s company.  I looked on their site for some representative colors and figured I would run with what I found.

With the entire palette of colors available in RGB on the web you can choose almost anything.  At the same time, not every RGB color can be reproduced in physical mediums easily and, more importantly, cheaply.  With a couple of questions and some folks helpfully scanning their CSS I had ‘lightgrey’ according to the W3C and a color that looked somewhere between blue and cyan called ’29ABE2.’

I did some work to find matching colors using eyeballed comparisons at Tap Plastics, a few gifs on websites and some Pantone colors.  None of it really worked out.  For this project I ended up deciding that using transparent acrylic and a ‘close enough’ version of light blue would work. There definitely needs to be some good mapping from various acrylics to RGB and/or Pantone.